Printable Map for Edinburgh Backpackers


65 Cockburn St

From the Airport Shuttle Bus

Catch the "Airport Express Bus" Number 100, which will take you to Waverley Bridge. Turn left upon exiting the bus and walk 50 metres towards a small traffic circle (roundabout). Continue straight ahead up the winding street (this is Cockburn Street). The hostel is situated on the left hand side next to the Southern Cross Café/Bar, about 100 metres up the street. Approximately 2 minute walk.

From Waverley Train Station

Exit the station via Waverley Bridge and turn left. Continue along this street for 50 metres until you reach a small traffic circle (roundabout). When you get there, follow directions as for the airport shuttle bus. Approximately 3 minute walk.

From St. Andrews Square (Bus drop-off)

Upon exiting the station turn left down towards Princes Street. Cross this street and turn right. Turn first left onto Waverley Bridge. Walk to the end of Waverley Bridge until you reach the Traffic circle (roundabout). When you get there, follow directions as for the Airport Shuttle bus. Approximately 7-10 minute walk.

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